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Music, Poetry, Literature, Culture

Sindhi Ralli

Ralli – Patchwork Quilts of Sindh
Ralli patchwork quilts of Sindh are made by women of the region as cottage industry.
This lovely art work … very much like the patchwork quilts …. are a delight for the eyes. Beautiful patterns developed out of small color co-ordinated or even random pieces of cloth, come to life in an exquisite piece of hand-made wonder.
Most of the workers in this field are women from rural and low income urban areas. The women entrepreneurs provide them with designs and material to work from the house and earn a decent living…
This, like Ajrak, is one of the traditional crafts of Sindh and are found in every house. These are presented as more valuable gifts.
There are several types of designs that are used for this craft which are broadly applique, patchwork and embroidered pieces.
Applique work is done in patterns of geometric or floral designs that are usually learnt from generation to generation. There are no written diagrams but from practice alone these artworks are created. For patchwork, small pieces of colored fabric are cut out and stitched on to each other thereby making a full length, again in patterns that are in the minds of the artisans.
Embroidered quilts are made with whole lengths of fabric or with patchwork and then embroidery  is done to join the pieces in a more exquisite design.