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Each team can have a maximum of 6 players, one of which will be a substitute. 
Bowling team has to complete the stack and appeal by saying “pittugaram” to claim victory of the round. 
Each member of bowling team has 3 tries per member to aim and shoot the ball; these tries renew when the keeper of the fielding team is changed.  When the bowling team runs out of tries to aim the stack, they lose.  Fielding team has to hit 3 members of bowling team to win the round. 
Hit will only be considered if it is a direct throw (not a bounce). 
If the keeper catches the ball after bounce on stack, immediate victory of the round would be given to the fielding team 
Bowling team cannot run holding one piece of the stack. 
Fielding team cannot run holding the ball; they can aim directly or pass to another member. 
They cannot hold the ball for longer than 5 seconds; violation of this rule shall lead to disqualification of a member for that round. 
Fielding team cannot destroy any part of the stack that is already built by the bowling team. 
Each member of fielding team will be given 3 tries to catch. If the bowler is changed, these tries are renewed. 
When the fielding team runs out of tries, they lose the round. 
Once the game is started it won’t be paused (even if the ball is lost). 
Any kind of cheat shall not be allowed in the match; umpire holds the right to decide upon the situation.