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Haroon Rashid (born 11 May 1973 in London, United Kingdom), popularly known as Haroon is a British-Pakistani pop singer, composer, musician and producer. He has sold millions of CDs and tapes worldwide and has performed at large venues such as the Wembley Arena. Born to a Pakistani father and a New Zealander mother, Haroon began playing the guitar and composing songs at the age of 13. He formed his first band, Idiosyncracies, in school with schoolmates at the age of 14.
Music career
After graduating in the early 1990s with a degree in Business Administration from George Washington University in the US, he formed the band Awaz with a couple of musician friends, Faakhir and Assad Ahmed. Haroon and the band made a video of Janeman, a song which Haroon had composed when he was 16. Haroon sent it to MTV Asia, and the song went down in history as the first ever Urdu ( Pakistani) song to air on MTV. At their peak, Awaz was the biggest musical band in Pakistan, and released three successful albums and two big singles between 1993 and 1999. Awaz was one of the pioneering bands in Pakistani pop music, and influenced many future musicians.
Solo career
Haroon’s first solo album, Haroon Ki Awaz, which he produced, engineered and recorded, was successfully released in October 2000. In 2001 and 2002, Haroon toured the UK and US. In 2001, Haroon received the “Outstanding contribution to Asian music” Award from the BBC Asia Awards show. Haroon released his third solo album, Haroon Ka Nasha in March 2007, again composed, recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by himself at his personal studio.