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Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat (Urdu: علی عظمت) is a Pakistani musician who gained recognition as the lead vocalist of the pop/rock band Junoon.
Early career
His first band ‘Jupiters’ was known for performing covers at small gigs, such as weddings, in Lahore. While with them, Azmat wrote his legendary hit song Dosti. He later sang and recorded Dosti with Junoon, after which the song gained national fame. Azmat was born in 27 December 1971 Abbottabad and grew up in Garhi Shahu, Lahore, which he credits for his unconventional attitude. Junoon Junoon was a prominent Pakistani band and Azmat was the lead vocalist of the band. With Junoon, he toured extensively, doing two North American tours a year since 1992. He performed in Europe, the Middle East and China and at the European rock festival, Roskilde in June 2000. He left Junoon in 2005 to pursue a solo career. Solo career Azmat released his first solo album, Social Circus, in March 2005 to critical acclaim. Social Circus was a massive departure from Junoon’s style and won 23 awards in Pakistan, including Best Album and Best Producer. In India, Azmat was nominated for Best Soundtrack and Best Song at the Sahara Awards held in London, for his single “Garaj Baras” in the Pooja Bhatt film Paap. Azmat’s second album, Klashinfolk, was released in August 2008 and recorded at Mekaal Hasan Studios in Lahore. Klashinfolk also received significant critical acclaim across Pakistan, although (like Social Circus) it was not a huge commercial success.