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Ahmed Jahanzeb

Ahmed Jahanzeb Usmani (born May 28, 1978) is a Pakistani pop singer and composer. Known as AJ, he was born in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Jahanzeb is one of the few singers of the country, who have been trained in classical music and that is why he mostly sings soul stirring slow songs. Jahanzeb was trained under the guidance of Ustad Rais Khan, who made him his shagird (pupil) in a ceremony called Rasm-e-Gandha Bandhi held at the Sheraton Hotel in 1988. The ceremony, one of its kind to be ever held in Pakistan, was attended by celebrities, dignitaries and media people.
Early childhood
Jahanzeb started singing when he was four years old. The Wonder Boy is a title given to him by Gulf’s Khaleej Times. Jahanzeb is the son of Capt. Safir Ahmed a music lover. At the age of four years, Jahanzeb gave his first public performance at VIP annual program attended by well over 10,000 people. At the age of five he appeared in the Pakistan Television TV show Neelaam Ghar. At the age of seven years, he was invited to perform in Dubai at the Pakistan Day show, at the Hyatt Regency, the host being the Pakistan Welfare Society of Sharjah. After the performance Gulf Weekly called him Talent at the Tender Age, and Khaleej Times named him the Mini Maestro. A few months later, he was invited by the electronic company Sony to attend a musical conference in Bahrain where delegates from 50 nations were invited.
Jahanzeb became the youngest singer to launch his first album,titled The Wonder Boy,at the age of 8 years. It was a memorable occasion as government dignitaries, film and television personalities were present to congratulate him on the achievement. In August 1988, Jahanzeb received the Special Child Award at the Cassette Melody Awards. He was the first artist of his age to get this award. A US-based magazine referred to him as the “next Mehdi Hassan in the making”. Furthermore, he proved his talents on 5 February 1989, on his Rasm-e-Gandha Bandhi, he showed the world that how important Taleem (education) is from a good Ustad (teacher). Jahanzeb was completely changed form the day Ustad Rais Khan accepted him as his shagird (pupil). Sunday Times, South Africa called him the ‘Singing Sensation from Pakistan’, when he toured South Africa in 1990 and performed all over with an estimated 40 shows. SABC Radio Lotus awarded him the title of ‘Youngest Ghazal Singer’, and was also named ‘Youngest Singer/Performer/Musician’ by a South African channel. Early career On his return to Pakistan, Jahanzeb was awarded the Governor Insignia by Mahmood A. Haroon, Governor of Sindh in 1991. He also became the youngest artist to be registered as a composer, ‘Category A’ by PTV, Karachi centre. In 1992, following his success tour of South Africa, he was again invited this time by the “South African Police” for their charity concerts. Jahanzeb toured the country doing 50 shows. 1996 brought another milestone in his career, when he became the youngest and the first artist to perform at the National Defence College of the Pakistan Army in the presence of the high brass of the Army.