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Music, Poetry, Literature, Culture

Adnan Sami Khan

Adnan Sami Urdu: عدنان سمیع‎, is a singer, musician, pianist, actor and composer. with a command on Indian and Western Classical/ Semi-Classical notes, Jazz, Rock & Pop music. Born to Naureen and Arshad Sami Khan in London, United Kingdom, he is a Canadian citizen of Pakistani and Indian ancestry and currently works and lives in Mumbai, India. Having received his formal training in Indian Classical music from the famous Santoor Maestro Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, his music merges Asian and Western music styles and instrumentation. His career has ranged from Classical Music (Indian and Western) to Jazz to modern Pop-Rock.
Early life and education
Born in 1969 in London, England, to a Pakistani Pathan father (Arshad Sami Khan) and an Indian mother (Naureen Khan), Sami was brought up as an aristocrat and educated in the United Kingdom. Arshad went onto become an accomplished Pakistani diplomant having served as Ambassador of Pakistan to more than 14 countries and also as Federal Secretary to the Government of Pakistan. Sami attended Rugby School. He had played the piano since the age of five and composed his first piece of music when he was nine years old. Sami began taking lessons from Pandit Shivkumar Sharma when visiting India during his school vacations. Indian singing legend Asha Bhosle spotted talent in a ten-year-old Sami at an R.D. Burman concert in London and encouraged him to take up music as a career. As a teenager, Adnan, when performing on the piano at a TV program in Stockholm, was noticed by the famous U.S. based Keyboard Magazine as being the ‘Fastest man on Keyboard in the World’ & the ‘Keyboard Discovery of the Nineties’. Adnan went on to learn Indian classical music from Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, the Santoor maestro in India. At the age of sixteen, Sami was approached to write a song for famine-hit Ethiopia for which he won a special award from UNICEF. He graduated from King’s College, University of London and became the first person to play Indian classical music on the electric piano.