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Fozia Soomro

Fozia Soomro (Sindhi: فوزيه سومرو‎) (1966-2002) was a Sindhi folk singer
Early life
Her birth name was Hakeeman and she was the daughter of hymn singer Haji Nathoo Soomro. Due to lack of necessities and resources her parents shifted to Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh, where she started singing in her early age
Singing career
At the age of sixteen she started singing secretly in gatherings as her family was religiously minded. She was introduced at Radio Pakistan through the efforts of Naseer Mirza who recorded his two songs Be qadra qadr na kayaee ko (Sindhi: بيقدرا قدر نه ڪيڙئي ڪو‎) & Chade wai chade wai sathi sukhan ja. These songs became super hits and her name reached every corner of Sindh. Her songs are wealth for all the people of Sindh. She sang so many Thari and Marwari songs to prove her love of the language of the Desert of Tharparkar. Cassette companies also released her work. She was booked for programs, parties, birthdays, marriages and other gatherings. Ustad Majeed Khan and Ghulam Hussain Kaleri were her teachers in music. She sang many songs based on patriotism and in adoration of Benazir Bhutto, ex Prime Minister of Pakistan. Her countless cassettes are the proof of her fame in which she has sung romantic songs of different poets especially Bilawal Otho and Ali Mohammad Uderai. The people of Thar demanded a Radio station for listening to her songs as well as other folk singers
She received the Shah Lateef Award
She died due to kidney failure on 4 September 2002. She is buried in Sakhi Burhan Shah Graveyard, Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh.