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Shakir Shuja Abadi

Shakir Shujabadi – Shakir Shujabadi Biography – Poem Hunter
Shakir Shujabadi (born 25 February 1968) is a Saraiki/Punjabi poet. He can not speak (properly due to physical disability).

Abadi started to recite his thoughts at the local darbar. By the early 90s he had achieved prominence in Saraiki culture. His first proper mushaira was held in 1986. He headlined the All-Pakistan Mushaira held in 1991. The last
mushaira before his childhood condition got worse was held in 1994, but he still recited.

His poetry is laced with beautiful prose, which offers riddles regarding the world and society. He discusses themes of honesty, poverty,
inequality and underdevelopment related to the region. He is able to overcome linguistic barriers to appeal to non-Seraiki speakers.

Among his best-known verses are “Tu Mehnat Kar, Tay Mehnat da silla Jaane Khuda Jaane” (Just work hard and reward for that hard work, only God knows what you will get) and “Tu dewa bal kay rakh shakir, Hawa jaane khuda jany”
(Light the lamp, and let the winds decide or fate decide). Some of his work has been translated into English by the Poetry Translation Centre.