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Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

Mīān Muhammad Bakhsh was a Sufi saint and a Punjabi/Pahari poet. He belonged to the Qadri tariqah. He is especially renowned as the author of a book of poetry called Saif-ul-Malūk. He was born in a village called Khari Sharif, situated near Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.


He was a fourth generation descendant of Damriyan Wali Sarkar, who is buried in Khari Sharif. Damriyan Wali Sarkar’s khalÄ«fah was DÄ«n Muhammad; and his khalÄ«fah was Mīān ShamsuddÄ«n, who had three sons: Mīān Bahāval Bakhsh, Mīān Muhammad Bakhsh – the subject of this article -, and Mīān ‘AlÄ« Bakhsh. Mīān Muhammad Bakhsh’s ancestors originated in Gujrat, but had later settled in the Mirpur District of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. He was a poet of Phari language (widely spoken in different parts of Kashmir .

Dispute about date of birth

There is considerable disagreement about his year of birth. MahbÅ«b ‘AlÄ« FaqÄ«r QādirÄ«, in a biography printed as an appendix to the text of Saiful MalÅ«k gives the date as 1246 AH (1826 AD), a date also followed by the Shāhkār IslāmÄ« Encyclopedia; 1830 and 1843 are suggested in other works. Mīān Muhammad Bakhsh himself states in his magnum opus, Saiful MalÅ«k, that he completed the work in the month of Ramadan, 1279 AH (1863 AD), and that he was then thirty-three years of age. Hence, he must have been born in 1829 or 1830.