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Balochi Cloth

The clothing of the people of Baluchistan, Pakistan consists of various styles of kameez and shalwar, turban, shoes and head scarfs.
Men’s Balochi suit
The men’s shalwar kameez consists of a very baggy shalwar[1] which uses large lengths of cloth. The kameez is also loose, which traditionally is long with long sleeves The Balochi shalwar kameez is similar to the styles worn in Afghanistan. The present Balochi shalwar kameez replaced the earlier version which consisted of a robe to the ankles and a shalwar using cloth of up to 40 yards.
Women’s Balochi Suit
The female Balochi suit consists of the head scarf, long dress and a shalwar. Balochi women wear loose dresses which are embroidered in local designs which include Balochi silk-thread chain-stitch embroidery. Balochi embroidery alone has 118 different basic designs.
Balochi traditional dress
Baloch women
Baluchi dress
Traditional Balochi dresses
Balochi bags
Balochi shoes