Sheer khurma

Making Sheer Khurma is always a joyous experience. Everyone’s excited, there is lots of work that still has to be finished before the house is fully set to celebrate Eid ul Fitr (Muslim Celebration after a month of Fasting). Simultaneously, I make other desserts to greet the guest and sometimes, I also cook paya or bhunna keema for Eid ul Fitr Breakfast. Everyone at home is dressed well, cheered and excited after Eid khutba (prayer).

Sheer Khurma is cooked on Eid ul Fitr throughout South Asia. Sheer literally means ‘milk’ and khurma means dates in Persian language. So Sheer khurma is sweetened milk syrup with dates, vermicelli and dry fruits.
It’s very easy to make. Like other milk dessert such as kheer and kalamra, you can add richness to sheer khurma by simmering milk for long or by adding milk powder, condensed milk or cream.