Mai Bhaagi

Mai Bhagi (Urdu: مائی بھاگی‎) (c. 1920 – 7 July 1986) was a Pakistani folk musician, born Bhag Bhari in Mithi in Thar, Sindh. Mai Bhagi grew up in a village in the Thar Desert. Her father was Wanhyun Fakir and mother was Khadija Maganhar. Both her parents were known singers of their region at that time. 
Mai Bhagi’s birth name was Bhag Bhari (which means ‘a lucky person’). She was married to folk singer Hothi Fakir at the age of 16. Record producer Sheikh Ghulam Hussain, husband of Pakistani folk singer Abida Parveen, offered her the opportunity to record at the Radio Pakistan studios, and her records were played on the radio. Her folk song ‘Kharee neem kay neechey’ (underneath a neem tree) became a super-hit among the Pakistani people and secured her stardom. The government of Pakistan provided financial support for her to tour overseas, and she continued her career in music until her death in 1986.