Surando is an ancient folk musical instrument of Kutch. Surando is a stringed musical instrument played with the use of Bow, Gaz or Gazi in local dialect. The body of the instrument is made of all sorts of wood, but to serve as an excellent sound chamber Lahirro wood is the best one. Talhi, Bahan and Mango wood rank second, third and forth in importance. The Bow or Gaz is comprised of strings of horse’s hair or gut fastened to each of a flexible stick. The Bow is placed on the strings at right angles to it and is moved back and forth across it. Producing sound with the help of the bow in friction with the strings is a more advanced skill than plucking. Strings are tuned to a proper frequency by tuning the pegs on the instruments. A Surando has six strings – five of steel and the sixth of copper and each strings has specific name like Agor,Tip,Jara etc..Surando known in Kutch is believed to have been well known as Sarinda in northern parts of India and in Sind of Pakistan. Surando is played like Sarangi and it is similar to Sarangi and Violin. Surando is prepared artistically getting intricate carving from the single piece of teak wood. It is given a pea-cock shape. To get decorative impression of Surando, the tiny nails of brass can be fixed on its surface. It is also painted with colors prepared from mercury or zinc for attractive show.